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Remembrance Day 2023 Featured Photo

Remembrance Day 2023

On November 11, Canadians pause in a moment of remembrance to honour the courage and sacrifice of all veterans who have served our country. Today, November 10, ceremonies were hosted at schools across the district to commemorate the Day.
Ministry of Children and Family Launching Online Speaker Series Featured Photo

Ministry of Children and Family Launching Online Speaker Series

The Ministry of Children and Family Development is hosting a free online speaker series about topics related to services for children and youth with support needs from November to December 2023. Registration is free and opens on November 2, 2023! For more info or to attend, please click here.
Accessibility Survey Featured Photo

Accessibility Survey

To gather information from students, families, and staff who either have or support individuals with disabilities and/or differences, we have created an Accessibility Survey. As our next course of action, the committee is actively seeking feedback that will help us better understand the needs of individuals who may be affected by disabilities and/or differences that hinder their full and equitable participation in school/work environments and opportunities. Please complete the survey by 4 p.m. on November 23, 2023. Click here to access the survey.

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Happy New Year!

Wishing students, parents/ guardians, and staff of Blackwater Creek Elementary a Happy New Year!