Return to School Message from the SD48 District Parent Advisory Council

The SD48 DPAC would like to welcome all parents to the 2020/21 school year recognizing that it is a time of anxiety and back to school may look very different for different students.  

Your Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Sea to Sky District PAC (DPAC) are important opportunities to stay connected to your school and to the district as everyone navigates the current COVID pandemic. You will find a COVID safety plan on your school's new and improved website, as well as detailed safety guidelines on the SD48 website.

There is also a new SD48 school messenger app to download:

As parents our first place of contact for questions and concerns around return to school is through your school principal. Your PAC and DPAC also play a role in parent advocacy if you are unsure of where to reach out for support. Our conversations with staff indicate that it is very important for students to remain connected and registered with their SD48 school even if as a family you have chosen transitional or alternative options for the first quarter of the school year.

As you start up the PAC at your school there are great resources, including a PAC101 at: 

The SD48 DPAC has decided to meet via zoom this year with the following schedule of meetings to include on your school and PAC calendars:

1)      Monday, September 21st  6-7:30 pm
2)      Monday, November 23rd AGM  6-7:30 pm
3)      Monday, January 25th 6-7:30 pm
4)      Monday, March 8th  6-7:30 pm
5)      Monday, May 10th  6-7:30 pm
Please confirm to Secretary Alison Robb  <[email protected]> that your PAC has received this message, and who will represent your school at the first DPAC Meeting by zoom Sept 21.

Your SD48 DPAC Executive,

Chair Meredith Gardner (Pemberton) <[email protected]>
Vice Christina Walsh (Squamish) <[email protected]>
Secretary Alison Robb (Whistler)  <[email protected]>